Children's Musical Theatre GOROD MASTEROV was established in October, 1989. Children call it "our second home" because they don't only sing, dance and perform here - they also experience social surroundings, learn how to avoid complexes, feel free and of course they make friends here. Every boy and girl can come and join our family, because our slogan is EVERY CHILD IS TALENTED!

The Theatre had a rich creative development. It was a participant of the 1st International festival “Theatre where children play…”; the Marathon of Arts among Young Muscovites, which was arranged by the Moscow Fund of Culture with the support of UNESCO. It was also a participant of the All-Russian Festival of Children’s Musical Theatres “Dreams where tales live…” in St.Petersburg, International Children’s Theatre Festival “Little Ladies - Little Gentlemen” in Ankara, Turkey, as well as Children’s Festival “The World of Tales – The World of Children” in Switzerland. We performed in many Russian cities, as well as in the USA, France, Finland, Turkey. In 1995 our Theatre organized the 1st Moscow Festival “Gorod Masterov”. It was held during five years and has got the International status. In 2006 the Festival revived, and in 2007 our Theatre organized another successful festival called “Theatre Marathon”.

As our Children's Theatre is more than 20 years old already - its first actors has grown up. But they never forget their second home - they visit us regularly, support us and participate in different festive occasions we organize from time to time to make our life even more vivid and interesting.

The repertoire of our Theatre includes many wonderful perfomances and concert programmes. They are all of different genres and are focused on different age groups. But all of our performances have something in common - they are produced especially for children, they amaze them, entertain and make them happy.

We perfom and play. The word GOROD means CITY. And people come to our city. They come because the love theatre, they want to learn something new about themselves, to get acquainted with interesting people, to make friends and to immerse in our vivid creative life.